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Steve Klenke Jazz Sextet "TANGERINE" **OFFICIAL VIDEO** (Used By Permission: SONY/ATV). Steve Klenke Jazz Sextet's recording of the jazz standard, classic "Tangerine." Medium Tempo Jazz swing instrumental. The video is produced by Brother Bean Productions and Split Vision Films (Albuquerque, NM), and is set in a nightclub. It is a light-hearted, comedic music video where various men try to "pick-up" the woman Tangerine with a surprise twist ending!

New Mexico Rain

New Mexico Rain is a fast latin-jazz instrumental piece (me on trumpet) I composed several years ago. The arid climate of New Mexico (USA) is not known for rain, so I wanted to create something rare with a somewhat Latin feel, but at the same time, used jazz brushes on the drums in a double-time shuffle, to simulate the constant pitter-patter of a rain shower. In the video by Brother Bean Films, the painters in the video actually painted those murals during the video shoot.


Satural by Steve Klenke Jazz Sextet is a high energy, fast mainstream-bop jazz instrumental. Satural is a jazz piece taken from an idea I wrote down years ago in my melody ideas "scrapbook." A melodic, toe-tapping theme and then everyone solos over the changes. Crowd reviewers comments: "I was pulled into this song within 10 seconds. I love the percussion, the smooth yet upbeat jazz vibe...Nice, smooth, effortless jazz that pulls you in and changes your mood."

I Fall in Love Too Easy

I composed "I Fall In Love Too Easy" to be a jazz vocal in the old swing style of the "crooner" vocalists (i.e. Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, etc.) and collaborated with my long-time lyricist friend (Ronald "Pete" Lumpkins) who passed away a few years ago. It is a styling of jazz vocal from years gone by. Crowd reviewers comments:
--"This song just paints a picture. If you close your eyes you can just picture a place of years gone by..."
--"...excellent voice, lyrics and instrumentals. I really enjoyed listening to this. I could see it being used in a movie..."

Vibe 505

Vibe 505 is an upbeat, fast smooth jazz-rock-funk instrumental featuring me on trumpet solo and bold, brassy splashes throughout. Vibe 505 has a technical, driving beat, and in general, an upbeat, happy vibe. The main riff for Vibe 505 popped into my head while driving home up Paseo Del Norte. I wrote it down when I got home and developed a simple bridge, and it came out sounding like a jazz-funk, or jazz-rock tune actually. "505" is the area code for Albuquerque, New Mexico where I live and the "Vibe" is all about travel.

Some People

Some People is a medium tempo, easy listening, vocal pop song with background vocals. I wrote the music to "Some People" over the course of many months, off and on with several rewrites. I collaborated with my long-time friend and lyricist Ronald ("Pete") Lumpkins who passed away a few years ago. I wrote music to this because I loved the clever lyric and it was coming together as great pop song about our differences as people, and our commonalities as people, and love.

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