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Steve Klenke and Steve Klenke Jazz Sextet compose, arrange, record and produce original jazz, pop and soundtrack music

Shortly about me

Steve Klenke composer, trumpet player, music producer, and owner of eMotific Music Publisher (BMI) in Austin, Texas

I'm Steve Klenke (BMI) - Trumpet Player. Composer. Producer. Owner of eMotific Music Publisher (BMI). Austin, Texas

I have a Bachelor of Music degree from Elmhurst University, Elmhurst, IL. (Chicago area), and I also attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. I spent 22 years as a music educator, band & orchestra director for public and private schools in Chicago & Suburbs before changing careers to Information Technology in 2000 (Bachelor of Science Degree from DeVry). In addition to music, I am also an ASP.NET/C# web and software developer.

I have composed music and played the trumpet all my life! In Chicago, I played trumpet with local big bands and variety bands and I also had my own jazz group. I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2006. In New Mexico, I continued to compose music and record, and I played trumpet with variety, salsa, cumbia, and latin jazz bands as well as my own "Steve Klenke Jazz Sextet." I have also been fortunate to play shows at larger venues like Rialto Square Theatre (Joliet, IL), Chicago Hilton and Towers Grand Ballroom, Navy Pier, and Taste of Chicago (Chicago, IL), and in New Mexico, at Legends Theatre (Route 66 casino) and the Cooperage salsa club.


15 Grandes Award (played trumpet for Micky Cruz salsa band - Albuquerque)

Steve Klenke trumpet player in New Mexico

Trumpet Tutor/instructor in the movie "A West Texas Children's Story" (Original title: "Have Dreams, Will Travel"). Film directed by Brad Issacs. I taught actors Dylan McDermott and Cayden Boyd to play basic trumpet, then played the trumpet part in the movie for them. I'm listed in "Additional Crew."

Steve Klenke trumpet player in Austin, Texas


Music Placements on Netflix, A&E, The History Channel, Amazon Prime, Peacock, Hulu, Discovery, UK-PRS, and United Entertainment & Media

Professional member of ITNS Radio & SWC Global Media, LLC

Songwriter and publisher member of BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc. performance rights organization)

6 tracks published by MIBE Music in New York City.

2 tracks curated by Reverb Nation.

22 tracks of original jazz sold (work-for-hire) to Teletunez, Inc.

Jingles for Toyota (Chicago area only) and American Heart Association.

My mission & values

Steve Klenke eMotific Music


The most important thing in my life is my family! Spending time together, having fun, supporting each other and always being there for them. I have family in different cities in the USA and I love to go visit and spend quality time together. They are my world!

Steve Klenke musician at eMotific Music


Music is absolutely my passion! I love to "paint a picture" with my compositions and perform music that makes people feel good, enriched, and uplifted in some way. When collaborating with lyricists, I tend to be drawn to lyrics that have a postive message. I tend to focus on melody more than harmony.

Steve Klenke eMotific Music values

Climate Change

"By polluting the oceans, not mitigating CO2 emissions and destroying our biodiversity, we are killing our planet...there is no 'Planet B'" --Emmanuel Macron, President of France
Healing the planet starts in your garage, in your kitchen, and at your dining room table!
How you can stop global warming

eMotific Music supports local businesses and musicians

Support Local Business

I think it is important that we support our local community and businesses. When you buy from a small business, you are supporting someone's dream, and you might be helping a kid get dance or music lessons, buy a team jersey or school laptop, or helping parents make a mortgage payment or helping a student pay for college, all while creating growth and new jobs!